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Only 9 days before the start of DVAM 2019...

DVAM2018: What's Your #1Thing?


By Breckan Erdman, Program Specialist for the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence


Social justice movements thrive when each person does their part in advancing the cause. For some, this might mean canvassing in your community before a local election or volunteering for a local crisis line. It could also be educating your loved ones about microaggressions, showing up regularly to rallies for racial justice, or sharing your story of resilience as a survivor.

“Doing your part” to end domestic violence looks different for each and every one of us, but the key is that we act. When we go beyond raising awareness to taking action by showing up, stepping in, and speaking out, real social change is possible. That’s why, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month(DVAM) this October, we’re challenging you to find the “one thing” you can do to promote social change, and then take ACTION!


What’s Your #1Thing?

“You have to act as if it were radically possible to change the world. And you have to do it all the time.” -Angela Davis

Here at the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, we believe that Awareness + Action = Social Change. So for DVAM 2018, we are asking you to do #1Thing to advance social change. Your #1Thing could be to:

  1. Donate your time and/or money to support your local domestic violence program.
  2. Contact your representatives to let them know why federal programs such as VAWA, FVPSA, and VOCA are important for survivors.
  3. Use your privilege to speak up the next time you see or hear a microaggression.
  4. Hold your loved ones accountable when they tell a racist/sexist joke.
  5. Vote—federal, state, and local elections are all important!
  6. Offer support and stability to a child experiencing domestic violence. Simply being there can make a difference in that child’s life.
  7. Engage in regular self-care to promote your long-term sustainability in the movement.
  8. Tell someone they matter.
  9. Support women-and people of color- owned business in your community.

The possibilities are endless, and each of these individual actions has value as we work together to create the world we want to live in. Once you’ve committed to your #1Thing, be sure to share it loudly and proudly—your #1Thing might inspire your friends and family to join you in taking action to end domestic violence!

Beyond #1Thing: Engaging Your Community for Social Change

Want to extend your impact? Real social change comes from collective action that includes the voices of individuals, families, institutions, and systems, which is why it’s important to engage your community. For ideas on how to spread awareness and inspire action for social change in your community, check out the #1Thing Action Guide and materials from our #1Thing launch webinar, Inspiring Action Through a Unified Message: What’s Your #1Thing?.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” -Coretta Scott King


Join us for DVAM!

For more ideas, join our webinar on October 10 to learn how to engage your community and leverage the #1Thing message to promote social change. Then, tweet along with us on October 24th for a chance to connect with other change-makers and share how you’ve used the #1Thing message in your community. You can check out a full list of our #DVAM2018 events and activities highlighting the value of #1Thing on our website.

And be sure to tell us—What’s your #1Thing?


Call For Stories: My #1Thing

NRCDV Radio’s Stories of Transformation podcast station is dedicated to lifting up and honoring the voices of survivors and advocates, featuring interviews with advocates from the field, real life stories from survivors, and innovative practices in advocacy. During Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), we mourn those who have lost their lives because of domestic violence, celebrate those who have survived, and connect individuals who work to end gender-based violence. This year we are inspiring action through a unified#1Thing message. We invite you to join us and share your One Thing!

Awareness + Action = Social Change

Domestic violence impacts millions of people each year, but it can be prevented! Accomplishing the social transformation necessary to achieve a world that is peaceful, equitable, and just requires the collective power of individuals, families, institutions, and systems – each whose “one thing” adds value to creating and sustaining healthy communities.

What is your #1Thing?

NRCDV is calling for submissions from individuals and groups in a variety of roles and disciplines, from diverse identities and perspectives, in response to any of these prompts:

  • #1Thing that inspired me to take action to end gender-based violence
  • #1Thing that changed my story
  • #1Thing I need advocates to know
  • #1Thing I want my children to know
  • #1Thing I want to share about my community
  • #1Thing I do to take care of myself
  • #1Thing I need funders to know
  • #1Thing that most impacted my healing and resilience
  • #1Thing I wish policy makers knew
  • #1Thing my family could do to support my healing
  • #1Thing that can make a difference in the lives of our community’s children
  • #1Thing that can make our world more peaceful, equitable, and just
  • Or respond to your own #1Thing

This is an invitation for activists, advocates, survivors, community leaders, parents, teachers, day care providers, health care professionals, faith leaders, social workers, attorneys, judges, law enforcement, government workers, and others with an interest in adding their story to our collective effort to end domestic violence! We are seeking stories that offer “one thing” as a strategy for shedding light on:

  • The value and power of each action, no matter its size, on impacting social change;
  • The strength and perseverance of change makers in the face of challenging times;
  • The invaluable role we all play in creating the world we wish to live in;
  • The power of storytelling as a strategy for raising awareness and inspiring change.

If your submission is selected for production, you will be invited to read your story aloud, or offered alternate accommodations as needed, for a recorded podcast. Selected stories will be shared nationally as part of the Domestic Violence Awareness Project’s efforts during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October 2018. Submission guidelines:

  • Stories should be written using “I/we” statements.
  • Stories should be between 5-10 minutes in length, when read aloud.
  • Individuals from traditionally marginalized and oppressed groups, including people of color, non-English speaking, immigrant, Native, Deaf, trans-identified, gender non-conforming, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and people living with disabilities are encouraged to submit.
  • Creativity in storytelling is encouraged!

Submissions are due Friday, August 17th via email to with the subject line “My One Thing.” Storytellers will be notified by Friday, August 31st.

Help us get the word out.

Share this flyer.

NRCDV offers free technical assistance to support your storytelling efforts. If you seek assistance in crafting your narrative, reach out to the NRCDV at or 800-537-2238.